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During our recent Memorial Day weekend, I could not help but reflect on the fact that the film, Civil War, is striking a resonant tone in our country. During a recent therapist case consultation meeting, a therapist asked the group how much their clients were struggling with a sense of hopelessness given the state of the country and world. Most. He asked, “how do we help our clients and ourselves keep a sense of hope?”

Personally, I do not believe that hope resides in any political leader. Hope springs when human beings rally together, as they do during natural disasters, to help each other without interrogation about nationality, religion, race, gender, etc. Our shared humanity brings us together.

I believe the work we do at Zoe promotes peace and hope. Every time our intake team schedules a new patient for services, we inspire hope. Every time our receptionist gives a warm greeting, we promote calm and peace. Every time a provider challenges distorted thinking; we are building the blocks of peace. Our clients struggle with war within themselves as they wrestle with “all or nothing” thinking about everything from their sense of self-worth to food, relationships, politics, and the world. When we teach them how to think in “both/and” terms, we open a window to view themselves and the world differently- and more hopefully.

There are many sources of delusion: psychosis, childhood and cultural conditioning, alternative facts. When we address these distortions and encourage clarity of thought in the myriad ways that we do at Zoe, we are contributing to hope and peace in the world.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, many of our clients and colleagues will feel a sense of fear and despair. Let Zoe be a place of refuge, where folks can come to sort out their thoughts and feelings and return to their shared humanity across differences. I feel fortunate to work with a team of people promoting Civil Peace in our community.

Yvonne Campbell, Founder

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