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The Plan You Can Live With.

ZoeStyle Medicine

For chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, unhealthy weight, PCOS and more—this program helps you achieve lasting change.

A New Plan For Life.
A New Style Of Healthcare.

Do you lose weight only to gain it all back?
Do you wake up more tired than when you went to sleep?
Do you feel anxious or overwhelmed?
Is your health affecting the quality of your life?

ZoeStyle Medicine is a program that includes:

  1. Visits with a medical doctor, certified nutritionist, and health coach.
  2. Group sessions for ongoing lessons & accountability.
  3. Achieve results and lasting change through ongoing support!

*In-person & virtual options available*

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Grandfather Carries Grandson On Shoulders During Walk In Park

“In just 8 weeks this office has really seen me, heard me and just wrapped their arms around me. I am feeling hopeful for the first time since the pandemic. I’m excited.”

– ZoeStyle Medicine Client, Woman, 68 years old.

Get Started With Insurance And
As Little As $200 Out Of Pocket.

Difficulty Sticking with Healthy Habits

Develop A Plan You Can Live With

Feel The Shift In Weeks

Achieve Radical Change.

Unlike traditional medicine that treats symptoms, ZoeStyle medicine identifies the causes of your symptoms and creates a healing plan based on your unique strengths & challenges.

Your physical health is affected by many factors including stress, sleep, movement, nutrition, relationships, and emotional health.

ZoeStyle Medicine is therapy for your whole self.

“I feel so empowered. I’ve dieted for years but never had this experience before of rediscovering myself and what I like. I’ve lost 20 lbs. without feeling restricted.”

– ZoeStyle Medicine Client, Woman, 75 years old.

What makes ZoeStyle Medicine Different?

Traditional Medicine ZoeStyle Medicine
Time With doctor and other specialists
15 minutes
60-90 min. Weekly
Reduce or Eliminate reliance on medication
Accept insurance
Focus on long-term health and wellness
Treats Symptoms
Treats Source
Supportive community
Group members and team of specialists
Entire team focused on YOUR goals
Specialists Work Individually
Team of Specialists Working For You

“I’m not really a group person but I felt inspired and supported by the groups. I learned skills I use everyday.”

– ZoeStyle Medicine Client, Woman, 32 years old.

How It Works



CREATE THE PLAN: Meet with your team of specialists and develop your unique strategy.



IMPLEMENT YOUR PLAN: Attend group & individual sessions for discussion, teaching, practice, and support.



ENJOY THE RESULTS: Experience continued support and resources for as long as you need.

“I have so much more energy than I’ve had in years. I’m 5 months into the program and I’m even more motivated than when I started.”

– ZoeStyle Medicine Client, Man, 26 years old

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Meet Our Health Specialists

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Shruthi Chandrashekhar, M.D.

Meet the Doctor

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Julie Barbaro, RDN, CHC, INFCP

Meet the Nutritionist

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Rebekah Hamlett BSN, RN

Meet the Health Coach

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Beth Geiger, SISW

Meet the Therapist

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Ali Webb, C-YT

Meet The Yoga Therapist

“I felt so supported by the whole team. I never felt judged or shamed for my weight. The groups helped me feel like I wasn’t alone and that made all the difference.”

– ZoeStyle Medicine Client, Woman, 52 years old.

Healthy senior woman smiling while holding some green juice in her kitchen. Mature woman serving herself wholesome vegan food at home. Happy woman taking care of her aging body with a plant-based diet.

Why it Works.

You don’t have to change your life; we help you make changes that fit your life.

Chronic conditions only get worse without lifestyle changes—this is true, even for weight loss medication. We help you target the essential small gradual changes, that fit your life and preferences. Like a car going fast, a sudden turn leads to a spin-out. Slow, gradual change gets you to your destination.

Not all weight loss is equal. Restriction-based weight loss shocks the body, negatively impacting health, mood, and energy—usually resulting in rebound weight gain. Restriction is the #1 cause of binge eating and emotional eating disorders. Food is neither good nor bad; learn to enjoy food again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is a medical approach that uses evidence-based behavioral interventions to prevent, treat and manage chronic disease by addressing 6 pillars of care: nutrition, movement, sleep, social connections, substance use and emotional health. Lifestyle medicine recognizes old methods for treating medical conditions are ineffective due to a lack of end-to-end care and the application of preventative and reverse-based treatment plans. The body needs and mind and the mind needs the body. We treat BOTH: https://lifestylemedicine.org/

What can Lifestyle Medicine change for me?

Lifestyle medicine can both reverse or significantly reduce chronic conditions, including unhealthy weight, cardiovascular disease, Crohn’s, [others] and diabetes and create lasting change by combining physical health with mental health.

Why should I go through this program? How is it any different?

ZoeStyle Medicine offers a team approach that will include a board-certified doctor, nutritionist, health coach, psychiatric nurse practitioners and therapists to provide the end-to-end care you need to succeed. Our individualized treatment plans use the latest diagnostic technology and wellness assessments that meet you where you are in your wellness journey. Our program offers extensive support through monthly, biweekly and weekly touchpoints and reviews. Our program includes a weekly group classes will provide you with structure, accountability, and social support to achieve your goals. Behavior change and sustainability is hard. Learning to elicit your own reasons for change are key. With a diverse team of specialists all in one place, significant lasting change is possible.

Do you accept insurance for this service?

Yes, most commercial insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid. For questions about your coverage, please contact our office at (804) 303-9622

Do you see people with severe health problems?

Yes. We will partner with your primary care physician for complex clinic concerns ranging from Crohn’s and cancer to obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Is it possible to stop taking my diabetes or other medications?

Yes! It is possible to reduce and eliminate certain or all of your medications. Our team will guide you through lifestyle modifications that will help you decrease or even stop your medications in a medically safe and effective way.

Do I have to be really sick to become a patient?

No, anyone feeling stuck or frustrated in any aspect of their lives is welcome to join.

Do you ever prescribe medications?

Yes, we will prescribe medications when medically necessary. Despite your hardest work, you may still struggle through no fault of your own. Medication may be necessary to help meet your wellness goals and may be eliminated when the time is right.

Are your physicians considered PCP’s and can I schedule an acute care visit?

No, our team is not considered primary care. We will partner with your existing doctors to do what is best for you.

Do you offer specialized testing?

Yes, we offer an extensive system of blood diagnostics, in-body metabolic scans, a resting metabolic rate scale and psychological assessments to create a comprehensive wellness plan.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral to be seen by anyone on the team.

How often are my appointments and how long do they last?

Appointment frequency and length are based on the individual. The first session with the doctor is typically 90 min, with 60 min-30 min follow up appointments. Initial sessions with our nutritionist are 60 minutes with follow-ups lasting 15, 30 or 45 minutes, health coaching sessions typically last 15-30 minutes and weekly group coaching lasts 60 minutes.

Your Guides

Achieving optimal health requires addressing the underlying causes of your chronic illness rather than solely relying on medications. Lifestyle Medicine focuses on six key areas that can significantly improve your symptoms or reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. Your healthcare provider will partner with you on which pillars are most important to you and can be optimized. You will play an active role in all pillars.

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Meeting You Where You Are

  • Cash and most insurance accepted.
  • We offer both tele-counseling and tele-medicine appointment options.
  • Two physical locations around the Richmond area.

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LifeStyle Medicine

What Technique Do You Use?

Health Assessment

Health assessments allow your healthcare provider to gain insights into your thought process and equip you with the knowledge to make positive changes with all the six pillars that impact your wellbeing.

Evidence-Based Coaching

You will benefit from techniques that help achieve your goals. You will also apply strategies to manage daily challenges in all six aspects of your life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a type of talk therapy that shows you how to identify and change destructive thought patterns that can negatively influence your behavior and emotions.

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