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Our Motto

Mind & Body are One

For far too long traditional routes have been pursued in both mental and physical health, without giving patients a comprehensive look into the ‘why’ behind their feelings and ailments. Through ZoeStyle Medicine and Zoe Therapy Services, we seek to assess all aspects of your life to better understand how to achieve your personal goals. We take the guesswork out of wellness and put control back into your hands.

Why do I feel down? Why am I anxious and irritable? Why am I prediabetic? Why am I tired all the time?These and other questions about your mental and physical health are what we’re here to solve. Our team knows what it’s like to experience a lack of care, a lack of answers, and a lack of support from your therapist or doctor.

Ready to get back to feeling like you? Begin your wellness journey today!

Our Process

You Choose Your Path To Wellness

The path to wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires attention to both your mental wellbeing and physical health. And many times, they’re directly connected.

Discover The Why

You want to know why you aren’t feeling well, and so do we! That’s why you’ll get a comprehensive analysis and understanding of your current condition and your goals.

Practice The How

We help you discover YOUR tools, YOUR motivation, and strategies to overcome YOUR obstacles. We help you develop an actionable plan to work on your unique goals.

The Journey of Thriving

The path to wellness can be lonely, and difficult to make alone. That’s why we offer continual, reliable support whenever you need it.

Who We Are

Yes—You Can
Make Lasting Changes

No one else in Virginia has our unique offering of obesity medicine, lifestyle medicine, and mental health services to ensure you improve your health and are able to sustain those improvements. Our research-based methods can actually help to reverse chronic health conditions. Having an entire team devoted to you with regular check-ins with a health coach helps you get through the difficult lulls in motivation and helps to ensure that you overcome your most challenging barriers.

Our Services

Our Options For Your Well-Being

Counseling & Psychotherapy

Reduce stress, enhance relationships, equip yourself with coping tools, increase positive thinking, heal from trauma, reduce substance misuse.

ZoeStyle Medicine

Maintain a healthy weight, improve sleep and improve chronic health conditions. This lifestyle medicine approach focuses on the mind AND the body.

Psychiatric Services

Our licensed nurse practitioners provide comprehensive evaluations to diagnose & treat mental health concerns which may include the use of psychiatric medication.

our services

Discover new ways to be well

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Meeting You Where You Are

  • Cash and most insurance accepted.
  • We offer tele-health appointment options.
  • Three physical locations around the Richmond area.

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