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ZoeStyle Medicine

Essentials Program

Our self-pay, multi-week lifestyle medicine program with coaching, guidance, and recommendations for YOU.

Patient-Led Lifestyle Changes

YOU dictate the flow, pace, and direction of each 45-minute, virtual meeting. We’re here to answer YOUR questions, help YOU overcome roadblocks, and encourage YOUR success.

Whether you want to improve your sleep hygiene, need a personalized physical activity script, or wish that you could successfully navigate the grocery store, we’re here to help you overcome challenges through evidence-based lifestyle medicine.

This program is perfect for those looking to reclaim their health, heal their relationship with food, and/or want to increase their overall wellness.

Following every meeting, patients will receive an email that includes a recap, any resources discussed/needed, and changes to focus on during the coming week(s).

Meet The Nurse Practitioner

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Erin Sengel, FNP-BC, DipACLM

Erin is a board-certified NP with a subspecialty in lifestyle medicine who is also an experienced lifestyle coach and fitness instructor. She provides customized care with compassion and respect that addresses not only physical but also mental well-being.

“Thank you for your support and for listening without judgment, even when I know I can ramble. I look forward to our calls and appreciate your knowledge and guidance. I value your approach; it really puts me at ease while still inspiring me.”

– Client

Why Self-Pay?

  • Self-pay healthcare is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional health insurance, especially for relatively healthy workers enrolled in a high deductible health plan (HDHP). Many of these patients do not meet their annual deductible (the amount they pay for covered services before insurance will start to pay).
  • Patients who choose to self-pay have more autonomy to choose the providers and services they want without being restricted to limitations on select covered services, “in-network” providers, or preauthorization requirements.
  • For these patients, it can also be more affordable to pay out of pocket to access the same high-quality services. Providers can offer substantially lower prices due to the savings from reduced administrative costs when insurance companies are not involved.

“Erin really knows her stuff! Her attention to detail and instruction are top-notch!”

– Client

Step 1: Pick Your 3-Month Package

Each virtual meeting is 45 minutes

4 Meetings

$375 total ($125 billed monthly)

8 Meetings

$700 total ($116.66 billed biweekly)

12 Meetings

$985 total ($82.08 billed weekly)

Step 2: Schedule Your First Appointment

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