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Yvonne Campbell LCSW

I believe there is meaning in symptoms. We are designed to thrive. When something is out of balance our mind/body/spirit/relationships present symptoms to ask us to pay attention. I specialize in helping people discover what needs their attention. Together, we explore the circumstantial, relational, existential, and psychodynamic roots of those symptoms. I offer support as people learn and practice necessary changes in their thoughts, managing their emotions, and interacting with others and their circumstances. Finally, I encourage and guide people as they seek to fully actualize their potential- and thrive!

Yvonne Campbell has been a mental health clinician for over 30 years. She founded Zoe Therapy Services in 2014.

Education & Achievements
Founded Zoe Therapy Services, 2014
Founded ZoeStyle Medicine, 2022
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mary Washington College, 1986, B.S. in Business Administration
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, 1989, M.S.W
  • 35 Years

Professional Philosophy

Discovering the meaning of our symptoms and practicing healthy habits of thought, word and deed can enable us to thrive.

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