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Edin Pajalic MSW, Dipl. IUR, PLC, SISW

Edin Pajalic, MSW, Dipl. IUR, PLC, SISW is a multilingual provider who has previous experience in several fields, including mental health and life coaching, working with children, adolescents, and adults. He has 20 years of diverse experience working with various populations and clients of all ages who come from different cultures and backgrounds. His many years of education at universities in Europe and the United States, along with his unique work experience, have enabled him to work with individuals, couples, and families. Mr. Pajalic earned his Master’s in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2022. He received a law degree from a law school in Bosnia in 2003 and after that practiced law advocating for human rights, social justice, helping vulnerable populations and working in healthcare and educational institutions. His passion for helping people and his interest in human behavior, psychotherapy and mental health led him to the field of clinical social work and therapy. Mr. Pajalic worked in a hospital for 4 years, and then for 9 years he worked in educational institutions, including preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, student dormitories, and university. Also, he has volunteered in several agencies and non-governmental organizations that are focused on working with children, adolescents, adults, families, students, the poor, veterans, immigrants, refugees, people facing stress, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. For eight years, Mr. Pajalic worked as an international life coach and mentor, with a focus on behavioral coaching, relationships, parenting, building social skills, life transitioning, personal and professional growth and development, self-esteem, and life-work balance.

Mr. Pajalic practices various models, methods, and techniques in therapy, choosing those that will have the most productive and effective impact on clients and their mental health. Mr. Pajalic believes that every client is unique and has unique needs in therapy. He uses a person-centered method, strengths-based, holistic, and eclectic approach. Given that Mr. Pajalic has an education in music and completed 4 years of music school, he has been studying music and art independently for years as a way of human expression, researching the therapeutic impact of music, art, and creative writing on a person’s mental health. Also, as a former field and track athlete, Edin has worked with many athletes, helping them to improve their mental health and to achieve their goals in the field of sports and work-life balance.

Mr. Pajalic is a multilingual therapist, and he offers therapy in English, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin language. Mr. Pajalic is currently a SISW in Virginia, and he is under the supervision of Tricia Van Rossum, LCSW, CSOTP, Ph.D.

Education & Achievements
  • Anxiety; Depression; Trauma and PTSD; Stress; Life Transitions; Personal Exploration and Growth; Social Skills, Grief and Loss; Relationship Issues; Mindfulness; Spirituality; Anger Management
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Master of Social Work, 2022
  • Law School of the University of Bihac, BiH, BA in Law, 2003
  • The Institute for Life Coach Training- International Coaching Federation (ICF); Coaching, 2020
  • 13 Years

Professional Philosophy

The healing of our lives begins the moment we realize that it is possible and when we feel ready to do something about it. Creating a better version of ourselves, a better life, and working on our own growth and development can be an inspiring journey, especially if we have goals and clarity about the direction we are going.

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