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Grief and loss are an innate part of the human experience and have a massive impact on our lives. The loss of a loved one can bring up complicated feelings that are intimidating to navigate and explore alone. There may be elements of survivor’s guilt, compassion fatigue, or even a feeling of confusion and not knowing “how” to grieve.

Did you know that there are many different types of grief? For example, anticipatory grief is the loss felt before an impending event such as a terminal illness or divorce. Additionally, disenfranchised grief is experiencing a loss that is stigmatized or disregarded by society such as loss through suicide. These complex elements can impact the way we grieve and the way that our support systems show up for us.

Grief can also show up in psychological AND physical responses. We often hear about depression, yearning, and feelings of overwhelm…but the physical symptoms of heaviness in the limbs, muscular pain, and chest or head pains can also be common symptoms of grief.

Led by Maria Bailey, RIC, the Common Bond Grief Support Group is a safe space for navigating these complicated feelings and processing elements of loss that we may not feel comfortable talking about with people in our lives. We also provide education about grief, loss, and coping skills, and create a supportive environment to create new connections and relationships.

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